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Beelitz Heilstätten, Germany (Screenshot)


“Forget 360 Videos, Photogrammetric Virtual Reality Is Where It’s At”

Leif Johnson, Vice: MOTHERBOARD




“Realities.IO’s Photogrammetry VR Scenes Could Change Tourism Forever”

Will Mason, UploadVR




“There’s a massive gulf in immersion between just seeing a space like this with a 360 photo compared to being inside a detailed recreation where I can walk around and kneel down to see the dust on the floor”

Ben Lang, Road to VR




“Getting to explore a real castle recreated so well in UE4 was one of the most amazing things I’ve done in VR”

James Golding, Lead Programmer Unreal Engine, Epic Games




incredibly cool virtual reality photogrammetry”

Liv Erickson, Just A/VR Show, Microsoft




Cluny Abbey, France (Screenshot)


Castle Hohenrechberg, Germany (Screenshot)


Frequently Asked Questions

What does realities do?

Realities lets you explore a growing library of interesting and mesmerizing places from all around the globe in virtual reality that are explorable in photorealistic quality. Travel to places that were out of reach before, e.g. famous tourist sites, archeological and cultural heritages sites and lost places.


How do you create the VR environments?

Most of our scans are based on photogrammetry. We also use other scanning techniques like LiDAR when necessary.


What do I need to experience Realities?

Currently we only support HTC Vive, Oculus Rift support will be added soon. Further you need a computer fullfilling the recommended specs for VR (Intel i5 / 4GB RAM / GeForce GTX 970 or equivalent)


Is there a version for Google Cardboard / Gear VR?

No. Currently we don’t support any mobile VR devices due to performance and the lack of positional tracking.


Where can I get Realities?

You can download it for free on Steam.


What does it cost?

Realities is free! It is part of our vision to enable as many people as possible to travel to awesome places.


Can I create/add scans?

We just launched a pilot program in which we work together with selected content creators from around the world that are interested in scanning interesting locations. Do you have a background in (panorama) photography and/or film-making, often end up in cool & interesting places and are interested to create photogrammetry content? Apply for our pilot program here!


Can we hire you for scanning x?

No. We are focused on developing Realities as a platform and if we do a scanning project for a third party, those scans have to be available as interesting content for the Realities platform as well. If you are interested in a collaboration bringing content to Realities and need somebody to help with the scanning, please contact us.